Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Life Layout, October 15 - October 21 {Week 42}

October 15 - Little Miss horsing around.  Love that 'toothless' smile!

October 16 - Hmmm, short on a picture today.  This was taken today when I was playing around so  using it.  I do love my laundry soap :)

October 17 - Today isn't her birthday, tomorrow is, but we have a huge day tomorrow and so decided to give her her gifts today.  Here, she is opening her ipod shuffle.  Can you tell she is happy??

October 18 - Our youngest suffers from flat feet so today he got is custom made insoles.

October 19 - While eating supper 6 does walked into the yard to eat at the tree.

October 20 - Two kids were up bright and early to say good bye to daddy before he left for work.

October 21 - I think this is becoming annual.  We head up and help Jon's brother in law bring is cattle home.  All of the kids that love to ride help out too!

See you for {Week 43}.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Project Life Layout, October 8 - 14 {Week 41}

October 8 - Two siblings having a blast swinging outside while our weather is still good.

October 9 - Hubby got home today from his hunting trip and along came his 'trophy'.  He actually shot it yesterday but this snap was today in our yard. 

October 10 - Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians!  We just had a small roast chicken with all the fixings and a fresh apple pie.  It rained most of the day so DH cleaned out the garage and I 'purged' the basement of all unnecessary items ready for a trip to Salvation Army tomorrow.  While eating our thanksgiving meal the sun started to peak out and I couldn't resist the reflection of light off the pine trees in the yard.

October 11 - I don't know that I remember seeing wasps, hornets and the such in the middle of October before, but, the weather has been record breaking nice out.  This one landed right on the window so I was able to get a good clear shot of him.

October 12 - Well, after some struggles with the curriculum I chose for my son for Grade 1, I made the choice to switch back to Bob Jones.  He is so much happier and so am I!  Today he made a paper chain and just simply loved this craft.

October 13 - My reluctant reader is starting to blossom.  I could not be happier.  She has gone from 'hating' (a strong word I know), to "Mom, you won't believe what is happening in this chapter.  I just love this book mom!"  What mother would not be so excited to hear that.  I surely am.

October 14 - Today isn't my daughter's birthday, but next week it is.  Her cousin also has his birthday one week after hers.  Tonight, my family gathered at my brother's place and we combined to two birthday parties.  Alot of fun was had!

{Week 41} DONE!  See you after {Week 42}.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project Life Layout, October 1 - October 7 {Week 40}

October 1 - The weather we are having for October is unreal.  32 degrees Celcius!  Love it!!!

October 2 - My husband leaves for his hunting trip on Wed so today was 'pull out the muzzle loader and test fire it' day.

October 3 - Lots of horsin around for these 3.  This is a regular occurance around here.

October 4 - I really do love it when the kids pull out their drawing books and just try to learn to draw something new.  Tonight was one of those nights.

October 5 - Morning breakfast with my littlest man.

October 6 - There is my boy scoping out 'whatever'. 

October 7 - So while on his hunting trip my husband blew a tire, literally.  The sidewall blew right out.

Yay, off to {Week 41}.

Project Life Layout, September 24 - September 30 {Week 39}

September 24 - Oopps, I can see a mistake here - it isn't Friday.  Will have to edit that one.  The kids took it upon themselves to make these, completely unprompted.  I love that!

September 25 - Happy 12 th Anniversary to my husband!  We didn't do anything romantic, took a ride in the hills behind our place on the quad with the kids and the dog.

September 26 - Poor girl wasn't watching where she was walking and walked smack into the back of the bike rack on the back of the camper.  Sustained a minor cut to the forehead.  Right here, she is 'resting' while being nursed back to health by her sister and brother.  Brother is doing a puppet show and sister is bringing her food.

September 27 - One proud little girl.  I taught her how to operate the controls on the stove and make kraft dinner.  She is loving this little bit of responsibility.

September 28 - This is in our yard atop of our garden shed.  I wanted to give it an older look in PS9.

September 29 - We have had a multitude of frosts already but this little guy so far is surviving.

September 30 - Well LOVE here is an understatement.  My husband LOVES to hunt and he has a number of cameras set up to see what is 'out there'.  He takes feed to each station and then gets to enjoy the pictures later. 

October is tomorrow?  Really?  How can this be??  On to {Week 40}!